Toast & Honey studio was launched in July 2017. We are a botanical store and creative studio, based in Spotswood, Melbourne. 

Maria, the creator and founder of Toast and Honey studio is passionate about design and greenery.  She designs and hand paints each planter individually. Her creative process is heavily influenced by her background in architecture and love for modernist design. There is a simplicity in her design approach but each product is refined and developed to the highest standard.

Toast & Honey studio has grown immensely over the last 3 years; what originated as a collection of hand painted planters, grew into a collaboration with local artists and designers and we love every single one of them! In October 2019, we opened our doors to our botanical store, a space that showcases our range of planters and is complimented by a curated collection of ceramic wares, stands, artwork and individually hand selected plants.  Our Toast & Honey studio family has grown to a fantastic team and is enriched with a wide range of skills and experience.

Our studio is located in our store;  we love the idea of being able to show you the process of painting each of our planters. 

We are passionate about what we do and aim to bring you a selection of unique and premium botanical wares in a friendly, warm and welcoming space.