Medium Pot Belly Fig Kokedama by The Forest Collection

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Pot Belly Figs, are a hardy bonsai style plant suited to bright indoor positions. This particular plant is a Ficus Microcarpa, an easy care variety making them an ideal plant for the beginner. 

These plants can be kept miniature for a lifetime, with correct watering, feeding, lighting and trimming. However, if re-potted into larger pots every few years, this plant can continue to grow in size.

The root system swells and stores water and nutrients to allow the plant to survive in harsh environments without food and water for long time, making it an excellent easy care indoor plant. Roots will continue to swell and develop interesting shapes as the plat gets older.

Please note that all Kokedamas are available for Pick Up only from The Greenery Store in Williamstown. 


Kokedama is roughly the size of a coconut.
Comes complete with a coaster, full care instructions and a gift box.


These plants like medium or bright filtered light and in a position where they can get at least a little morning sun each day. 


Pot Belly Figs appreciate some moisture at the roots, but do not allow to sit in pooled water. Allow the kokedama to dry before watering again. These plants can stay dry for long periods, but water when just dried.


Fully submerge your kokedama in a bowl, sink or bucket. You may need to hold it under for a moment! Allow to soak for 10-15 minutes until kokedama feels heavy and full. 

It is important to gently squeeze out excess water from the kokedama by pressing between two hands, on the sides towards the base. This will ensure your kokedama does not stay waterlogged which will prevent conditions such as root rot, fungus gnats and mould. As the moss and twine are natural products they are biodegradable and as such, squeezing out the excess water will prevent deterioration, prolonging the life of your kokedama.